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For Full-Scale Investigations and Surveillance Operations

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Recon Investigations, LLC in Clermont, Florida offers a comprehensive range of services. Discuss your surveillance requirements with us. We are eager to recommend the ideal solutions.

Background Checks

We conduct background checks by investigating a person or company’s professional and/or personal history to validate or disprove character and identity. This typically includes criminal records, education, employment records, civil records, references, and possibly more depending on the situation of the individual or company.

We rely on professional data resources. You receive up-to-date information gathered through investigative techniques enabling us to serve the most current data we can make available.

Activity Checks

Pre-surveillance operations are conducted to determine if a full surveillance investigation is necessary. We begin with a database and social media search.

A field investigator discreetly canvases the location to learn as much as possible and determine the best possible plan once a full investigation is required. Complete reports, pictures, and videos are provided to clients to help determine the succeeding steps to take.

Alive-and-Wellness Checks

On-site visits announced ahead of time or impromptu visits can also be done upon the client’s request. On such occasions, we verify the subject’s SSN (social security number), DOB (date of birth), address, and telephone number.

We also determine the subject’s benefit check status, current medical provider, current medications, as well as sources of income. Our investigators conduct property condition assessments and inquire about the subject’s daily activities and next of kin. Clients are allowed to provide us with a checklist form to fill out if they so desire.

Recorded/Written Statements

We provide clients with recorded sworn or written statements. Investigators locate witnesses and customize interview questionnaires based on specific inquiry needs.

Accident Scene Investigations 

Our field investigators conduct a complete canvass on the scene of the accident. We locate witnesses to interview and extract possible sworn and written statements from them. If there is any possibility of video footage of the accident available, we go looking for it.

Employee Integrity Checks and Safety Investigations

We ensure investigators are where they are supposed to be, conducting investigations for our clients. We can help ensure your employees are conducting themselves ethically and safely through surveillance investigations as instructed by our clients.

We have investigators with diverse backgrounds capable of blending into a variety of settings and situations.

Locates and Skip Tracing

We have access to several databases and have skilled investigators tapping into various information-gathering techniques. Our goal is to locate the person(s) and achieve the desired results.

Traveling to various locations, if necessary, we verify discreetly through pictures or video (if possible) to confirm the subject’s location. We respect the privacy of others and protect the public from persons who may have no verifiable reason to know the whereabouts of the person(s) they are requesting us to locate.

Domestic Investigations

Recon Investigations conducts domestic investigations which may necessarily include:

  • Background Checks
  • Undercover/Covert Operations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Public Record Information Research
  • Social Media Research

Workers Compensation and Insurance Investigations


Personal injury and workers’ compensation fraud have unfortunately been around for a long time. To be able to validate if a claimant’s stated physical condition is true and verifiable, a field investigator monitors the subject’s daily activities, movements, and interactions. These prove to be a valuable defense against insurance fraud.

Workers’ compensation surveillance is a powerful tool for detecting fraudulent activity. Our investigators are properly licensed and have full working knowledge of the laws about surveillance techniques. We also utilize the latest technology.

Activity Check 

Activity checks allow claims investigators to monitor and record the activities of a person attempting to claim for an injury or another kind of loss. The purpose of the activity check is to determine whether the statements of loss to the insurance company are consistent with the activities in which the claimants are engaged.

Civil/Criminal Background Checks 

When a claimant is being investigated for fraud, gaining an understanding of their history can be very enlightening. Background checks help uncover any criminal convictions, civil court records, residence history, or any other adverse information vital to determining the character of the claimant being investigated.

Social Media/Internet Check 

When investigating a case for insurance fraud, a lot of helpful information can be sourced via social media outlets such as Facebook. A person who is claiming a bad back injury could post a picture of themselves waterskiing on a lake or running a 5k race. This kind of information can play a critical role in proving that someone is trying to commit fraud against an insurance company. 

Employment Check

Having a claims investigator verify a claimant’s employment status and work history helps claims fraud investigators further understand the background of a claimant who might be trying to conduct illegal activity.

Skip Trace

This service involves the locating of a person’s residence or whereabouts, especially those moving to another state or city to avoid detection and potential criminal prosecution related to fraudulent activities. The skip tracer’s ability to locate such persons is beneficial to this effort.

Call Us for Investigative and Surveillance Needs

Many people who file claims with insurance companies have legitimate loss claims and would want to enjoy the coverage due them. But for those trying to defraud insurance carriers, we will do everything possible to ensure that dishonest people are prevented from doing so.

We are committed to helping your insurance company detect, investigate, and stop fraud at all levels. Likewise, we work hard to ascertain that insurance companies provide their customers with quality service.

Contact us today to learn how quickly we dispatch investigators and surveillance specialists to help you stop insurance fraud.

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