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The Comprehensive

Approach to Personal

and Business Protection

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Investigations using optimal efficiency and integrity

Getting down to the bottom of things matters. This is the best and only way of dealing with any uncertainty, doubt, criminal intent, or potential fraud. However, investigating to ascertain, confirm, fact-check, or protect your interests can be harder than you can imagine.

It takes a certain level of integrity, tenacity, skills, and resourcefulness to be able to get the desired results. All this we can do at Recon Investigations, LLC. Every private detective utilizes unique techniques and approaches crucial to the outcome of any investigation being conducted.

What to Expect

Find highly trained investigators strongly motivated to uncover vital facts. Every step of the way, we help you determine the following before during, and after every mission is accomplished:

  • The Cost of the Investigation
  • How the Process Works
  • The Possible Outcomes

About Us

Owners John Scales and Mark Webb have numerous years of experience working in different communities through out the state. We have many successful cases that we completed for other companies throughout our careers. John and Mark will bring this experience and dedication to our clients through ourselves and our network of experienced investigators with diverse backgrounds in: Business/ Customer service/ Management/ Military/ Law Enforcement/ Security

Our Mission

To provide ethical techniques, as well as innovative and creative ways to serve our clients in each case analysis.

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